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Kinetica Doubles Customer Count, Achieves 90% ARR Growth


Kinetica, the creator of the real-time analytical database for time series and spatial workloads, has announced record business momentum over the past 12 months of 90% Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) growth, Net Dollar Retention Rate (NDRR) of 163%, and doubling of its customer base. As the company puts it, leading organizations creating the next generation of data driven applications based on sensor and machine data continue to choose Kinetica for its unrivaled real-time analytical and processing power of time-series and geospatial data.

The value that customers receive from Kinetica is reflected in the doubling of its customer base. Kinetica has recently been selected to help create new location-driven solutions for innovators in real-time analysis and modern location intelligence on massive data sets, including Liberty Mutual, TD Bank, the NBA, Lockheed Martin, and many others. They join existing customers such as USPS, T-Mobile, FAA, Ford, Point72, Verizon and Citi that continued to expand their Kinetica deployments last year.

Kinetica customers are optimizing delivery fleets in transportation and logistics, improving network coverage in telecommunications, minimizing transaction costs in financial services, improving military and civilian threat detection, and developing new data driven products within connected cars.

Kinetica uses native vectorization to significantly outperform other cloud analytic databases. In a vectorized query engine, data is stored in fixed-size blocks called vectors, and query operations are performed on these vectors in parallel, rather than on individual data elements. This allows the query engine to process multiple data elements simultaneously, resulting in faster query execution and improved performance.

Kinetica also announced the appointment of Robert (Bobby) DeMartino as its new chief revenue officer (CRO). Robert has more than 25 years of experience building all aspects of the customer facing organization from major accounts to enterprise and mid-market sales, channels, customer success and services.