Kinetica, the database for time & space, has expanded its partner ecosystem in the United States, Europe and Asia to help meet the growing demand for its real-time, vectorized, analytic database for time-series and spatial workloads. The company added global systems integrators to its partner roster, including Expero, Riskfuel and Semantic AI.

Kinetica’s partner program connects resellers, systems integrators and service providers with complementary technology solutions and services with new prospects to deliver unparalleled domain knowledge to one of the most exciting and impactful areas of enterprise technology.

This partner program expansion comes after the company announced record business momentum of 90% Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) growth, Net Dollar Retention Rate (NDRR) of 163%, and doubling of its customer base.

“Kinetica is experiencing booming demand for its real-time, vectorized, analytic database as businesses fuse and analyze their massive geospatial and time-series data in real-time to support new application areas. One of the ways we’re addressing this interest is by expanding our network of top-tier channel partners,” said Nima Negahban, Co-founder and CEO, Kinetica. “The combination of our partners’ deep domain expertise and Kinetica’s advanced analytic database is helping organizations across industries from financial services and telecommunications to health and safety and automotive obtain key insights to preempt fraud, provide better cell service, boost the customer experience, provide new data driven services, and much more.”

New partnerships have recently been formed with the following service providers to help businesses realize the full potential of location intelligence:

  • Expero – Expero is a software innovation company that partners with organizations to solve their complex business challenges quickly, raising the bar high on end-to-end solutions and intuitive user experience for highly complex or regulated industries, such as Financial Services, SLED, Energy, Telco and Healthcare. The Expero CoNNected software suite includes pre-built workflows, visualizations, and analytics tools accelerating our customer’s time to market.
  • Riskfuel – Riskfuel is transforming market risk management for banks and insurance companies. Calculations that normally take hours or days can now be completed in seconds with Riskfuel technology, giving its clients full insight into their risk at all times.
  • Semantic AI – Semantic AI fuses, analyzes, and visualizes data—from any source—to empower government and commercial organizations to harness the value of their ever-changing data ecosystem and create context from chaos. Whether it is eliminating fraud, protecting from cyber security threats, preventing regulatory fines, or personalizing information for customers, Semantic AI’s Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform (Cortex EIP) is purpose-built to augment human cognition by gathering disparate data into a single platform. Cortex EIP stitches together all data sources to show the who, what, when, where, how, and why they are connected. For over two decades, Semantic AI’s mission continues to make humans, not machines, smarter so they can form extraordinary business decisions.

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