Kinetica Selected By Mahindra Formula E Racing To Provide Lightning-Fast Insights


Kinetica has been chosen by Mahindra Racing, currently competing in the electric FIA Formula E Championship, to provide immediate insights from racing car sensor data, essential for success in Formula E racing. Mahindra Racing selected Kinetica as its real-time database for advanced analytics for its unrivaled speed and processing of location-enriched time-series data from sensors encompassing engine, aerodynamics, and tire performance. The faster they can process this data, run complex models, and identify critical issues, the quicker Mahindra Racing’s team can fine-tune their cars’ setups to win races.

Kinetica’s ASOF join capability, allowing the correlation of different car sensor readings with offset timestamps across a staggering 8,000 tables of individual sensor reading time-series data feeds, set it apart from competitors and secured the deal.

“Kinetica’s ASOF joins offer a seamless solution for merging data from multiple tables, even when timestamps don’t align perfectly,” said Nima Negahban, Cofounder and CEO, Kinetica. “By enabling Mahindra Racing’s team to define intervals for data combination based on close values, we empowered them to gain insights and clarity, even in the absence of precise timestamp matches. Inexact joins also extend this capability to spatial relationships, allowing tables to be linked when objects are within a specified distance of each other. Kinetica paves the way for a more comprehensive understanding of data relationships, so imperative when speed determines winners.”

Mahindra Racing and Kinetica are already exploring new innovations to incorporate geospatial data sets for in-race track positioning, ensuring that every inch of the circuit is mastered with precision. The next frontier includes assessing edge computing needs to move complex models closer to the data, eliminating the lag associated with data transfer.