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Koch Industries Acquires Infor


Koch Industries has bought enterprise software firm Infor for an undisclosed sum. Once the transaction is completed (likely in the first half of 2020), Infor will become a standalone subsidiary of Koch Industries.

“Golden Gate Capital founded and began building Infor 18 years ago,” said David Dominik, co-founder of Golden Gate Capital. “We are selling our remaining stake to Koch Industries, our partner in Infor for the past three years, because of the significant strategic value between Infor and Koch.”

As reported by TechCrunch, the acquisition deal should be close to $13 billion. Infor said it will continue to operate under its current management team from its headquarters in New York City.

In addition to being a key enterprise customer, Koch has been an investor in Infor since 2017. Koch companies have made more than $26 billion in technology-related investments in the past six years, transforming a global portfolio of businesses spanning multiple industries. 4

Infor has invested approximately $4 billion in product design and development to deliver industry-specific CloudSuites. Infor’s CloudSuites are said to be cloud-native, industry-specific and built to help companies modernize and drive immediate impact.