Kong has announced the general availability release of Kong Konnect, a service connectivity platform that enables the modern connected business.

First previewed at Kong Summit 2020 in private beta, Kong Konnect provides end users with instant access to a comprehensive suite of tools that enable reliable, secure and observable connectivity across their APIs and microservices. The GA release features new multi-geo support, allowing users to physically locate services close to their businesses for privacy and regulatory compliance.

The fully modular platform enables developers, architects and operators to accelerate application development cycles and provide connectivity between services for stellar digital experiences.

With the GA release, Kong is introducing a flexible consumption-based pricing model that brings enterprise-class tech within reach of individual developers as well as large teams. Usage of Kong Konnect is metered, enabling users to pay solely for the number of services used.

Kong Konnect is available in three plan tiers:

  • Kong Konnect Free allows developers to instantly try out the product without having to go through an enterprise sales representative.
  • Kong Konnect Plus offers a freemium model with a pay-as-you-go, credit card-based option that provides a simple way for developers or operators on small teams to quickly start using the services they need right now.
  • Kong Konnect Enterprise is for organizations that want to use the platform as a whole; it provides connectivity with enterprise-grade security, scalability and observability across any cloud, platform and protocol to help teams build powerful digital services and experiences.

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