In this interview, Ben Sigelman, LightStep CEO and Cofounder talks about his time at Google and then why he founded the company.

Host: Swapnil Bhartiya, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of TFIR)
Guest: Ben Sigelman, CEO and Cofounder of LightStep
Company: https://lightstep.com/
GitHub Page: https://github.com/lightstep

Topics Discussed:
00:00:12 – Introduction & History
00:01:15 – What problem is LightStep trying to solve
00:01:53 – What kind of organizations are using their technologies 00:02:40 – All those buzzwords – serverless, microservices…
00:04:50 – Will Kubernetes become boring?
00:07:55 – Linux has been a great success story
00:11:07 – It should be easy to you, no need to be a seasoned developer 00:13:23 – Process of getting something into CNCF
00:15:11 – What benefit do you get by being part of CNCF
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