“You can’t protect against what you can’t see,” said Dan “Pop” Papandrea, Field CTO – Sysdig. In the new cloud-native paradigm, things like containers, Kubernetes pods, Fargate or things like serverless are almost like black boxes. You need ultimate visibility. He opines that Kubernetes can be more secure than traditional infrastructure, but you need to put the right guard rails on it, and you can’t have security without overall deep visibility.

This discussion is part of our very first online event at TFiR, which was organized during KuberCon, sponsored by Polyverse and focussed on Cloud Native Security. We also talked about when companies should start thinking about security when building their cloud native strategies, how many companies are already embracing Zero Trust or DevSecOps, what are the factors in addition to misconfiguration and bugs that lead to security issues among many other topics. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Dan, I hope you will enjoy it too.

Sysdig provides security so enterprises can confidently run containers, Kubernetes and cloud services. Only Sysdig has full visibility to threats, vulnerabilities and system activity related to alerts. Organizations can secure the build pipeline, detect and respond to runtime threats, continuously validate compliance, and monitor and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure and services. Sysdig is built on an open source stack, including Falco.

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