The Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) has published its Data on Kubernetes 2022 Report, with insights from over 500 executives and technology leaders on how data on Kubernetes has a transformative impact on organizations, regardless of size or tech maturity.

The appetite for running data on Kubernetes (DoK) is strong, with 90% of respondents believing that Kubernetes is ready for stateful workloads and a large majority of respondents (70%) running them in production.

This year’s report found that running data on Kubernetes benefits the whole organization, not just engineering. Leaders believe DoK is transformative for business growth.

In the spring of 2022, the Data on Kubernetes Community engaged the research firm Clearpath Strategies to survey over 500 Kubernetes users to understand the types and volume of data workloads deployed in Kubernetes, benefits, and challenges, and the factors driving further adoption.

According to the report, respondents see a direct link between running DoK and making big gains. A majority (83%) attribute over 10% of their revenue to running data on Kubernetes. One-third of organizations saw their productivity increase twofold.

DoK benefits are reported by all organizations, no matter their tech maturity. While Leading organizations tend to get the lion’s share, the gains are felt by Lagging and Leaders alike.

Respondents experience high satisfaction running DoK, however, Day-2 operations remain a significant challenge, with respondents relying heavily on Kubernetes operators. When evaluating an operator for adoption, security is the number one concern. The value in overcoming these challenges is high, as they recognize the transformative impact that standardization can have for their organizations.

The report also adds that lack of qualified talent ranked second on the list of top challenges, and 41% of respondents plan to upskill or hire DoK talent within the next three to six months.

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