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Kubernetes Users Need Training: Mark Brandon, SuperGiant CEO


With the explosive growth of Kubernetes adoption, there is a growing demand for training. “People want to use new tool kits that make their jobs easier, but they don’t know how to use them,” said Mark Brandon, founder and CEO of SuperGiant. “We have partnered with the Linux Foundation to create courses that help these users.”

Brandon’s team created Supergiant toolkit created to “scratch our their itch,” as they say. Their cloud bills were too high because the hardware utilization was too low. They found that the so-called autoscaling tools from most vendors only meant it was easy to scale up.

“Seriously? Anybody can scale up! Actually, scaling down is what is most important when you are on a budget and paying by the compute hour. At the end of the day, our utilization went from the low teens to over 92% utilization, saving us 50% off our cloud bill, a sum that amounted to over a half million dollars per year. Profit margins doubled, and we had flexibility to invest in our own product rather than seeing money fly out the door into the pockets of the public cloud providers. This was too good to keep secret,” – SuperGiant.

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