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Kubernetes Will Be At the Center of Hybrid Cloud Story: 2021 Predictions By


Ankur Desai, Director of Product at shares his predictions for 2021. According to Desai:

  • Kubernetes will become the centerpiece of the hybrid cloud strategy because it is the common platform across all the clouds. Kubernetes is going to be the platform on which a hybrid cloud will be built starting 2021.
  • We will see a massive jump in stateful applications on Kubernetes. The recent CNCF survey found that about 55% of respondents were already running stateful applications on Kubernetes. The number is expected to jump to more than 80% in 2021 simply because of the maturity of Kubernetes deployments as well as the maturity of the storage and data management solutions on Kubernetes.
  • Kubernetes will drive the network transformation for 5G. Network operators and telcos are moving away from VMs to containers and as containers become the standard for running network applications, Kubernetes is the only platform that will take over.

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