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Kyligence Zen Introduces AI-Augmented Capabilities To Automate Data Processing And Insights


Kyligence has announced the general availability of Kyligence Zen, a Metrics Platform that centralizes all types of metrics into a unified catalog system. With Kyligence Zen, users can build a common data language across an entire organization for trusted and consistent key metrics. It is a comprehensive all-in-one solution that simplifies the management of metrics and lowers costs by using a single platform.

Kyligence Zen is designed to unleash data value with unified and intelligent metrics management and services across an entire organization. The Zen Metrics Language (ZenML) simplifies onboarding metrics data from different systems. For example, it leverages existing digital assets from Business Intelligent (BI) systems or data warehouse query history. Kyligence Excel Connector empowers business users to access the trusted metrics from their BI tool of choice, without any IT involvement.

New features of Kyligence Zen include:

  • Metrics Catalog – A central location where users can define, compute, organize, and share metrics. Users can easily organize the metrics by tagging and categorizing them and effortlessly sharing metrics with relevant teams. The graphical user interface is user-friendly and requires no technical expertise, enabling even business users to leverage the metrics catalog for their metric-driven decision-making.
  • ZenML (Zen Metrics Language) – A YAML-based descriptive language that is used to define metrics, dimensions, and the underlying relational datasets. ZenML acts as a semantic layer that converts technical data into business metrics, a bridge that enables non-technical users to understand, explore, and get insight out of traditional data warehouses. ZenML encourages the separation of data modeling and data visualization and facilitates a central definition of business data language for all downstream data consumers.
  • Kyligence Connector for Excel – A drag-and-drop tool that allows users to analyze metrics defined in Kyligence Zen using Excel. This easy-to-use tool offers a user-friendly experience with drag-and-drop functionality for selecting metrics and dimensions to be analyzed in a manner similar to PivotTable. The connector is compatible with all Excel versions, including Office365, Windows and MacOS.
  • Auto Root Cause Analysis – With just one click, users can uncover concealed patterns in metrics and comprehend statistical anomalies and determine connections that are responsible for atypical value fluctuations of chosen metrics across various dimensions.
  • Metrics Templates – With dozens of new metrics templates, customers can apply the metrics data sets quickly without the need to create the templates from scratch.

Kyligence Zen is now generally available.