LeanIX has announced Microservice Intelligence, the latest addition to the LeanIX Continuous Transformation Platform. Microservice Intelligence automatically creates a microservices catalog that integrates with DevOps toolchains to provide 360-degree transparency of all cloud-native applications, ownership and dependencies.

Knowing where microservices are deployed, who is responsible and how they support the business enable engineering teams to control complexity, boost developer productivity and build reliable software.

Microservice Intelligence automatically catalogs an organization’s microservice landscape by surfacing and correlating metadata from disconnected toolchains, pipelines and Kubernetes clusters. It provides a 360-degree view to help engineering leaders establish transparency across all microservices and their dependencies.

By monitoring critical deployment KPIs such as deployment frequency, mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR) or failure rates, engineering leaders can help increase development efficiency and make software decisions based on data and insights.

LeanIX Microservice Intelligence comes with connectors for Kubernetes, Jenkins, GitHub Actions and Openshift.

It also integrates with the LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Suite to provide Product and Corporate IT teams with shared data and visibility into how microservices support business capabilities. The task of managing technology risk and obsolete software is greatly simplified and more thorough.

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