If you are looking to enter the world of open source development, here’s something exciting to get you through. The Linux Foundation has joined hands with Coursera to launch a new 4-course specialization, Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git.

Developed by the Linux Foundation’s Director of Training, Jerry Cooperstein, the remote learning program aims to equip students with skills for working in open source development communities.

The specialization provides up to 70 hours of lectures and features labs for a hands-on learning experience. It requires that students have some familiarity with other operating systems, and experience working in the command line is also helpful, though not required.

“Open source continues its dominance in software development and technological innovation, and providing opportunities to access this type of training will be hugely beneficial to individuals who have previously only worked on proprietary products,” said Linux Foundation General Manager, Training & Certification Clyde Seepersad.

“As more professionals seek to utilize innovative technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, open source software development skills become critical,” added Kevin McFarland, Head of Industry Partnerships, Coursera.

A Coursera specialization is a series of related courses designed to help learners master a specific topic. To complete the specialization, it is required that learners complete with a passing grade every course in the specialization.

Registration for the specialization is now open. It will cost you $49 per month until completion.

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