Guest: Mike Petersen
Company: Loft Labs
Project: DevPod

In this episode of TFiR: Let’s See, Mike Petersen, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Loft Labs, demonstrates the capabilities of DevPod, the first and only tool for creating and managing dev environments that does not require heavy server-side setup. Developers can write code in any language and run it anywhere.

Highlights of this video demonstration:

  • Loft Labs created DevPod to provide its users the same benefits from Codespaces, but with the flexibility of being able to run it in their infrastructure or run it locally, depending on how much money they want to spend.
  • It runs anywhere. If you want to run it locally, it’s pretty much free on your machine. If you have cloud instances, it’s going to cost whatever the cloud instance costs.
  • It is open source. You can add more providers and customize it. You can have your developers develop locally on your virtual machines without having to deploy to cloud if you don’t want to.
  • It is agent-only. You don’t have to install something on a remote server or anything like that to get this running.
  • Workspaces are GitHub repositories that are linked up to a provider. A provider is something like Docker or Kubernetes. There is the ability to add custom providers if you don’t see what you’re using on the list.
  • Petersen goes on to show DevPod in action, including how to add a provider, how to create a workspace, how it creates a dev container, bring up the VS code, run a sample application, how it port forwards so you can look at your changes on your local machine.
  • To learn more about DevPod, go to devpod.sh. It has links to GitHub, a video, and other information about how to use it. To install and get it running, go to github.com/loft-sh/devpod.
  • If you have questions, go to slack.loft.sh and join the DevPod channel. If you run into problems, open and create an issue on GitHub.

This summary was written by Camille Gregory.

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