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Let’s Talk To Linux Kernel Developer Greg Kroah-Hartman | Open Source Summit, 2019


Greg Kroah-Hartman needs no introduction. He is the maintainer of the stable branch of the Linux kernel and a fellow of the Linux Foundation. In this episode of Let’s Talk (an un-interview talk show), we debated a wide range of topics primarily the state of security in Linux. We also touched upon what the kernel community and the Linux Foundation is doing to attract more developers (it seems like unlike the rest of the industry, the kernel community continues to get new developers). We also talked about how companies like Microsoft and Amazon are becoming good citizens and contributing to the kernel. One topic that PC users will like to listen to was – does the desktop matter anymore. He also disclosed what operating system he and his family uses. He talked about his disagreement with Richard M Stallman and why is he growing his beard. It’s a fun and informative interview, I hope you will enjoy it.