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LF Energy Celebrates 3rd Anniversary | Film


The energy industry, like many other industries, is going through a complete digital transformation. “We’re having a complete transformation of our energy systems. That’s the reason why we call it the energy transition,” says Shuli Goodman, Executive Director of LF Energy.

However, it was counterproductive for each player of the industry to reinvent their own wheel, they needed to collaborate and build non-competing technologies that they can leverage to serve their user base. They needed open-source. They needed the Linux Foundation.

In 2018, RTE, one of the biggest players in the energy sector, partnered with the Linux Foundation to create an open-source foundation called LF Energy, dedicated to the needs of the energy sector.

The Foundation has been growing since its inception and many companies have joined the organization in the last three years. The Foundation is now also home to many open source projects that solve problems for the energy sector.

LF Energy is celebrating its 3rd anniversary and this film captures the evolution of the foundation, how it was born and how it’s gaining momentum to transform the world around us.