LF Networking (LFN) has expanded its OPNFV Verification Program (OVP) to include Virtual Network Function (VNF) compliance testing.

The expanded OVP is created in conjunction with the ONAP testing community. It now includes publicly-available VNF compliance test tooling based on requirements developed within ONAP, as well as a Verified Labs Program and the induction of the University of New Hampshire-Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL) as the first OPNFV Verified Lab.

Initially developed to simplify validation testing of commercial NFVI/VIM products based on OPNFV, the expanded program now covers interoperability with ONAP-compliant on-boarding requirements using both Heat and TOSCA package validation.

The program will further evolve in the future focusing on end-to-end NFV system validation and to deepen the compliance testing of both VNF and NFVI components.

In another development, LF Networking announced continued community momentum. This includes further collaboration with Standards bodies, evolution of compliance programs, new project milestones, and increased integration with adjacent communities.

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