Lightbend has announced the launch of Kalix, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that delivers a new programming model and Developer Experience (DX) designed specifically for the cloud and edge. Kalix works in concert with underlying cloud infrastructure in maintaining application properties and requirements on behalf of its users, enabling developers to use the skills they already have to build mission-critical, stateful applications in a serverless architecture.

Kalix is a dramatic advancement both over the existing serverless model and in abstracting complexity, as it provides a unifying application layer that pulls together the necessary pieces—including databases, message brokers, caches, services meshes, API gateways, blob storages, CDN networks, CI/CD products, etc.—and exposes them into one single unified programming model and DX, tailored for the cloud and edge. This includes a programming model with well-defined and thought-through holistic semantics, ensuring end-to-end guarantees and SLAs.

Kalix and its Serverless DX lets developers focus on the essence of value creation: building direct end-user and business value that leaves us with a coherent, understandable, predictable, and maintainable system, all managed from the cloud.

Kalix is a complete developer and zero-ops experience from start to finish. Developers never have to care about any underlying infrastructure, including databases, message brokers, caches, service meshes, and API gateways.

Kalix is now available.

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