Lightstep has contributed the new AWS Lambda Extension to the OpenTelemetry project. The idea is to provide DevOps teams with a quick and vendor-neutral way to collect, ingest, and ultimately understand high-quality serverless data.

According to a recent survey from the CNCF, OpenTelemetry is currently the most highly evaluated CNCF sandbox project and the second most active project behind only Kubernetes.

According to the recent State of Serverless Report, the median AWS Lambda function only runs for 800 milliseconds. By running a properly configured OpenTelemetry Collector as a Lambda extension, users braid observability into the fabric of their serverless runtime, which keeps telemetry data flowing even as serverless functions are frozen and rescheduled.

“OpenTelemetry will become the defacto open standard for collecting telemetry data,” said Daniel “Spoons” Spoonhower, Co-Founder and CTO of Lightstep. “Serverless functions like AWS Lambda add a level of abstraction and agility that are an important component of modern architectures — this is why we’ve contributed the AWS Lambda Extension to the OpenTelemetry project for anyone to use.”

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