Guest: Rob Yoegel (LinkedIn)
Company: Akamai (Twitter) | Linode (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Linode democratized computing and championed cloud computing even before AWS was formed. Now part of Akamai, Linode enables individual developers and businesses to put their applications on the cloud and not worry about managing a datacenter or infrastructure.

I caught up with Rob Yoegel, Marketing Director at Akamai (Linode), at the Linode headquarters in Philadelphia to talk about Craft of Code. This initiative highlights case studies of users leveraging Linode’s cloud computing technologies to run their businesses and serve their customers.

It was initially driven by seasoned marketing expert and strategist Mike Maney and then-CMO Blair Lyon. Their approach was to showcase the people who are using the technologies, not the technologies themselves.  According to Yoegel, “We focus on the people behind the technology, the people behind the Linode use cases—if they’re building apps, hosting websites, etc. And I think that’s what makes the Craft of Code series really different from other vendor-driven customer stories or case studies.”

Check out the video interview to learn how to create and share effective case studies.

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