The Linux Foundation has announced the upcoming launch of a new entry-level IT certification offering, the Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate (LFCA).

LFCA will test candidates’ knowledge of fundamental IT concepts including operating systems, software application installation and management, hardware installation, use of the command line and basic programming, basic networking functions, security best practices and more.

LFCA is likely to be available for registration this November.

Specific details around domains and competencies tested will be provided when the exam is available. It will complement the intermediate Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin (LFCS) and advanced Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) exams.

The new certification demonstrates an individual’s expertise and skills in fundamental information technology functions, especially in the age of cloud computing.

The knowledge-based exam will be conducted online with a remote proctor monitoring the exam via webcam. Successful candidates will receive a verifiable badge that can be shared with potential employers.

It will be valid for three years from the date awarded.

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