The Linux Foundation has launched its new initiative called CommunityBridge to support open source developers.

The platform is created “to empower open source developers—and the individuals and organizations who support them—to advance sustainability, security, and diversity in open source technology,” the foundation said.

CommunityBridge provides kernel mentors with an opportunity to sign up to share their expertise and put them together with anyone who has the basic skills to apply to work and learn from the community as selected mentees.

Individuals can also benefit from CommunityBridge as they get paid $5500 plus a $500 travel stipend for a 12-week program to learn and solve problems such as finding and fixing bugs that will make the kernel more stable and secure, Linux Fellow Shuah Khan said in a blog post.

Later, the program will enable mentees to be paired with CommunityBridge employers. There will be opportunity to facilitate interview with some of the top names in tech.

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