From cars that drive themselves to robots that restock the warehouse and sensors, today’s world is all about the convergence of 5G, IoT, AI, machine learning and the Edge. If you want to know what Edge Computing is and how it works, here’s a handy resource from the Linux Foundation.

In partnership with edX, the non-profit online education platform started by Harvard and MIT, the Foundation is offering a free online training course, Business Considerations for Edge Computing. The course explains what Edge Computing is, what problems it’s solving, data privacy and security considerations, and examples of where we see business innovation with Edge.

It also reviews the influencers and open source projects that are defining the future of Edge and the hybrid computing world.

The course, which is fitting for business professionals who need to better understand the concepts around Edge computing and its importance to their operations, can be completed in as little at two-to-four hours. Students, on the other hand, can take it at their own pace.

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