Chinese Internet giant Tencent has become the latest Platinum member of the Linux Foundation. Tencent offers some of China’s most popular websites, apps and services including QQ, Qzone, Tencent Cloud and Weixin/WeChat.

Tencent’s Liu Xin will join The Linux Foundation Board of Directors. In addition to a seat on the board, as a Platinum member, Tencent will also benefit from the foundation’s expertise in areas such as open source governance, legal and compliance, events, marketing and more.

As a Platinum member, Tencent will be able to offer further support and resources to a wide variety of open source projects and their communities.

Jim Zemlin, executive director, The Linux Foundation, said, “As Tencent’s contributions to open source continue to accelerate, The Linux Foundation is thrilled to work more closely with the company to provide more resources and support to the community.”

Liu Xin, general manager of the Mobile Internet Group, Tencent, added: “As a first step, we are contributing our open source microservices project TARS, and open source name service project Tseer, to The Linux Foundation. In addition, we plan to contribute our open source AI project Angel to the LF Deep Learning Foundation. Together, we will help to build a welcoming and energized global open source ecosystem.”

TARS and TSeer form Open Source project communities under Linux Foundation

TARS, a remote procedure call (RPC) framework, and TSeer, a high availability service discovery, registration and fault tolerance framework, have now become Linux Foundation projects.

Both projects were initially developed by Tencent, which open sourced the projects last year.

“By bringing these projects into The Linux Foundation, the project communities will benefit from transparent governance as well as support in marketing, training, legal issues and other areas. We are excited to collaborate with this growing community in the days ahead,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director, The Linux Foundation.

Chinese versions of 10 open source guides released for the enterprise

Finally, the Linux Foundation has released Chinese translations of 10 Open Source Guides for the Enterprise, created to help executives, open source program managers, developers, attorneys and decision makers learn how to best leverage open source.

“Chinese developers and organizations already contribute huge amounts of code to open source projects, and their engagement grows daily,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of CNCF and co-founder of the TODO Group. “Making these resources available to Chinese audiences in their native language will encourage even greater adoption of and participation with open source projects.”

The Open Source Guides for the Enterprise provide information on a range of open source topics, to ensure individuals at every level of an organization understand what open source is, how benefits the organization and how to do it right. This includes every stage of the lifecycle of an open source project, from formation to winding down.

To view and download the guides, you can visit the Linux Foundation website at https://www.linuxfoundation.org/os-guides.

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