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Loft Labs Donates DevSpace To CNCF


Loft Labs, provider of developer tooling and multi-tenancy solutions for Kubernetes, has donated the open source project DevSpace to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software. The CNCF Sandbox will provide a neutral home for the project to receive external contributions from the cloud-native community and to benefit from vendor-independent governance.

DevSpace is a lightweight, easy-to-use client-only command-line interface (CLI) tool that employs users’ current kube-context, like kubectl or Helm. It does not require installing anything inside a cluster and is versatile with the ability to work on top of any Kubernetes cluster without modification.

While other solutions rely on complex network proxying to mimic the lightning fast in-cluster development, DevSpace focuses on providing a simple lightweight execution model through a client-side binary. Since code changes are hot-reloaded into running containers, this allows developers to use the cloud to run all the workflows and see changes to their applications immediately reflected in the running containers without the need for image building or recreating and rescheduling containers. This relieves computing power from their local workstations and better utilizes the cloud for what it is built for — running workloads.

Today, there are hundreds of organizations that use DevSpace to enhance developer velocity and build their cloud native applications with over one million installations and more than 3,200 GitHub stars for the project.