Loft Labs, which makes Kubernetes easily accessible to developers, today announced that ‘vcluster’ virtual cluster technology for Kubernetes now is freely available on GitHub.

Rather than creating heavyweight, resource-hungry, isolated clusters over and over again, companies can now launch lightweight, fast vclusters that are backed by a single Kubernetes cluster which consolidates workloads, allows for resource sharing, and ultimately save a lot of infrastructure cost.

With Loft, any Kubernetes cluster becomes a self-service platform where engineers can create namespaces and virtual clusters whenever they need them. At the same time, Loft’s sleep mode and cluster sharing technologies help eliminate idle workloads and save cloud computing costs.

“There is a large demand for Kubernetes virtualization. Apple noted that in a keynote at KubeCon Europe last year,” said Lukas Gentele, CEO of Loft. “Launching our vcluster technology under the permissive Apache-2.0 license will enable anyone to explore virtual clusters and even contribute to it. Currently, we have over 90 companies, including three Fortune 500 enterprises, that have started utilizing our vcluster technology.”

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