Guest: Michael Petersen (LinkedIn)
Company: Loft Labs (Twitter)

In this episode of TFiR: Let’s See, Michael Petersen, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Loft Labs, demonstrates the new capabilities of Loft v3 that help platform teams manage virtual clusters, spaces, and applications at an enterprise scale.

Key highlights of this demo/interview:

Loft v3 has added, among other things:

  • Projects, which makes it a lot easier to segment who has access to what so you can set up users and teams and give them permissions to different clusters.
  • Integrations for Argo CD, so it’s a lot easier to hook up Argo CD to your clusters and even add your clusters directly to Argo CD.
  • versioning for spaces, templates, and apps. If you update a template, users can go in and update their virtual clusters to use the new settings.
  • Quotas, to make it easier for you to manage what users have access to, even Kubernetes resources.

In the live demo, Petersen showed:

  • the redesigned user interface with the added features.
  • how to create a project, where to add users and teams to the project, what templates are allowed in the project.
  • how to use Quotas to restrict users from doing way too much and to make sure that the clusters aren’t getting overrun with too many resources.
  • how to specify where and which namespace it lives in.
  • how to edit an app template and add a new version.
  • how to sync with a template.
  • how to go into the namespaces and see what’s running on the base cluster, see what virtual clusters are running on it, you can see if they’re, they’re sleeping, or if they’re actually actively running.
  • how to set up a user in User Management to give them access to different templates and different projects, as well as custom branding.
  • how to automatically have clusters go to sleep if they’ve been inactive.

This summary was written by Camille Gregory.

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