Logi Analytics and BlueVolt have entered into a new partnership utilizing Logi Info to create an analytics dashboard experience for all BlueVolt customers.

With the upcoming BlueVolt analytics dashboard, customers will have better insight into their channel partner education and training strategies. These dashboards provide users with the tools and insights they need to leverage real-time updates and position their companies for success.

BlueVolt initially selected Logi Analytics for its analytics needs based on Logi Symphony solution suite’s customization and flexibility. Now, BlueVolt has access to the full Logi Analytics portfolio — notably including Logi Info for the current platform updates.

Charles Caldwell, Vice President, Product Management at Logi Analytics, said: “Our solutions empower end users to aggregate, analyze, and act upon data insights without having to leave their application workflow. With Logi Info, BlueVolt can customize and create a whole new analytics and reporting experience for its partners.”

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