Cloud observability platform Logz.io has announced the general availability (GA) of its new Alert Recommendations capability in the Logz.io Open 360 platform. Based on patent-pending technology, the Alert Recommendations feature automates knowledge creation for organizations by capturing the investigative approach of highly trained engineers receiving alerts. Alert Recommendations specifically employs AI to model the steps of platform users as they carry out their work, using that input to recommend alert response steps during subsequent investigations.

Based on a supervised machine learning model, this new capability is now available to Logz.io Open 360 users in GA after building significant intelligence from customers in early access.

With Alert Recommendations, the runbook concept is being adapted to address the dynamic nature of today’s environments, creating automation using supervised machine learning. Now, every time there is a new investigation, Logz.io Open 360 automatically monitors the investigative path of different team members and identifies which steps resulted in the fastest time to resolution. The methods with the best Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) results are identified, and an automated path is then created for subsequent alerts, eliminating the need for laborious documentation or inefficient actions.

With engineering teams that vary in their degree of expertise, Alert Recommendations also creates a critical knowledge base and automated path that eliminates multiple steps, condensing the timeframe from when the alert is first received to the first investigative action. Valuable engineering resources are optimized while MTTR is reduced.

“The Alert Recommendations capability represents the future of AIOps, making it possible for users and platforms to automate even more of the work that currently consumes so much time and so many resources,” said Asaf Yigal, CTO and co-founder of Logz.io. “Organizations with limited human resources need efficient and reliable tools to translate their observability data into simpler, more actionable insights. With this capability, the Logz.io Open 360 platform harnesses the actions of highly skilled engineers while reducing remediation time.”

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