Lucidworks has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Google Cloud customers now have the ability to deploy Fusion from within the Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing users to create AI-powered product discovery and knowledge management applications in a modern, containerized, and cloud-native architecture.

As a Google Cloud Technology Partner, Lucidworks offers customers the ability to provide their users with contextual, personally relevant search results and proactive recommendations powered by artificial intelligence. Millions of users can discover insights at the moment they have a question, across hundreds of millions of documents and records.

Lucidworks’ offering on Google Cloud includes applications that run on the Fusion platform, such as Predictive Merchandiser (PM) and Smart Answers.

PM helps ecommerce teams harness the power of machine learning to boost conversions. Smart Answers enhances chatbots and virtual assistants with natural language processing and deep learning to reduce time-to-resolution and support costs.

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