Majesco has announced cloud-native core containerization for Majesco P&C Core Suite and Majesco L&A and Group Core Suite to provide portability, agility, speed-to-market, and ease of environment consistency management for companies accelerating their business transformation on the cloud.

Majesco P&C Core Suite and Majesco L&A and Group Core Suite are built as Docker images, orchestrated using Kubernetes and deployed as Helm charts enabling customers to run on any Cloud infrastructure.

With the first decomposition completed, Majesco will continue to assess the right balance of further decomposition into granular microservices based on customer and market driven demands. With parallel run validations, this transition is seamless – with no business interruptions – and requires no additional testing or change efforts for carriers.

“As the industry accelerates their effort to modernize, optimize, and innovate their business, Majesco is leading the way by simplifying the challenges faced by companies by breaking down silos and empowering the industry to pursue a cloud-native agenda in our highly scalable and secure applications,” said Manish Shah, Chief Product Officer at Majesco.

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