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Making Kubernetes Work Like Linux: Weaveworks COO


In this episode of Let’s Talk Weaveworks COO, Steve George talks about the problem Weaveworks is trying to solve for Kubernetes users.

“We have spoken to a lot of quite advanced Kubernetes users who have got Kubernetes up and running. They are operating in production and their biggest complaint is that it takes too much time and effort. Most users want to just go on with their applications deployed into Kubernetes and operate it easily,” George said.

He gave the example of Linux. Everyone understands how to deploy, monitor, manage and look after Linux distributions. But in the Kubernetes world, nothing is standardized. People do things with their own hand-built tools. Everyone’s building their own house in their own way. “What we are trying to do is provide a standardized workflow for how to deploy, configure, monitor, update and look after Kubernetes. What we are doing is providing a standard set of workflows to work with any Kubernetes and any sets of applications,” he said.