MapR Data Platform adds deep integrations with Kubernetes core components


MapR Technologies has updated the MapR Data Platform with deep integrations with Kubernetes core components for primary workloads on Spark and Drill. It will now be easy to better manage highly elastic workloads while also facilitating in-time deployments and the ability to separately scale compute and storage, the company said.

Organizations restructuring their applications or building next-generation real time data lakes will benefit from these new capabilities in a Kubernetes model, with Spark and Drill.

This deployment model allows end users including data engineers to run compute workloads in a Kubernetes cluster that is independent of where the data is stored or managed. Core capabilities such as Tenant Operator, Spark Job Operator, Drill Operator and CSI Driver Operator are part of this release.

With this release, MapR delivers on multiple benefits like handling compute bursts by spinning additional compute containers without having to add more physical host servers.

The new capabilities in the MapR Data Platform will be available in Q2 2019.