MariaDB has announced that MariaDB SkySQL, a second generation cloud database service, has expanded its observability service to include MariaDB Community Server deployments. SkySQL brings a single view to all MariaDB databases a customer has deployed regardless of which cloud infrastructure or on-prem environment they are running on, increasing efficiency and making it possible to more rapidly identify problems, patterns and anomalies.

Cloud to the Rescue for On-Prem Problems
​​Unlike general purpose monitoring tools with support for MariaDB Server, SkySQL Observability provides deep insights into all MariaDB database products. SkySQL Observability also enables customers to implement availability strategies such as failing over to disaster recovery instances running in SkySQL, getting the most out of cloud and on-prem deployments.

SkySQL Observability is a unified monitoring service that delivers:
● Dashboards for real-time insights on performance and capacity usage
● Log collection, event management and alerts with notification services
● Insights on MariaDB Community Server, MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB ColumnStore and MariaDB Xpand deployments
● An observability API to integrate into third-party observability services, such as Datadog, AppDynamics and New Relic

Availability and Pricing
MariaDB SkySQL Observability is available now and is free to use for databases covered under a MariaDB subscription. For additional databases not covered under a subscription, such as any MariaDB Community Server databases, pricing starts at $45 a month per database node. Volume pricing is available for more than 20 database nodes.

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