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Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu/Canonical | Open Infrastructure Summit


In this episode of Let’s Talk, Mark Shuttleworth, founder, and CEO of Canonical talks about Ubuntu, OpenStack, Canonical IPO, Foundation and how public cloud and open source projects need each other.

Guest: Mark Shuttleworth – founder and CEO of Canonical
Host: Swapnil Bhartiya – founder and Editor-in-Chief of TFIR
Location: Open Infrastructure Summit, Denver Colorado.

Canonical: http://www.canonical.com
TFIR: http://www.tfir.io

Topics we discussed:

00:00:51 Black Hole Image Used Open Source and Ubuntu
00:01:31 How Ubuntu Enables users to do exciting things
00:03:00 Ubuntu Advantage Infrastructure
00:06:15 Everything that was free is still free
00:07:00 How important is Desktop?
00:09:00 Will Desktop Linux ever take off?
00:09:27 Engineers don’t like being controlled
00:10:09 How Ubuntu Snaps evolved
00:11:31 Fragmentation of Linux
00:11:57 Linux on the desktop has not invented anything….
00:14:31 IPO of Ubuntu
00:16:45 On friction between Foundations
00:21:41 Should open source companies worry about AWS?
00:23:13 Always pragmatic