Maven Wave, an Atos company, has achieved its 11th specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. This latest specialization, for SAP on Google Cloud, demonstrates that Maven Wave and Atos have developed solutions that integrate with and accelerate deployment of customer SAP solutions running on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Through Google Cloud and SAP, Maven Wave and Atos centralize and accelerate enterprises’ data management systems.

With Google Cloud as the foundation for SAP, enterprises are driving agility, efficiency, and innovation on a secure cloud with advanced reliability, network, and uptime performance.

In October 2020, SAP announced an acceleration of their transition to the cloud. Managing SAP workloads in the public cloud offers the ability to unlock additional information, which can help organizations better understand customer behaviors and preferences, perform predictive maintenance, and plan for inventory fluctuations.

Beyond improving business metrics, SAP in the cloud also delivers new benefits, such as incorporating external data sources including IoT; delivering the speed and resources needed to enhance and accelerate analytics; and leveraging ML to make more data-driven decisions based on siloed data.

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