Mavenir, working in close collaboration with NVIDIA, has announced the launch of an AI-on-5G Hyper Converged Edge solution.

Mavenir developed the solution, based on NVIDIA’s hardware and software technologies, enabling enterprises & telcos to implement AI-on-5G applications for many verticals such as manufacturing, mining, and healthcare that cover industry 4.0 applications, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and Extended Reality (XR) and Gaming use cases.

The use cases can be around remote and immersive collaboration, precision robotics control, people safety, intrusion detection, smart connected factories, real-time manufacturing component defect detection and proactive maintenance using near real-time analytics of sensor data.

The solution features NVIDIA’s power-optimized general-purpose graphics processing units (GPUs) with a high-level coding platform using NVIDIA CUDA, and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) data processing units (DPUs).

This helps the efficient offload of all compute-intensive processing applications from the CPU to all in-line processing in GPUs and DPUs, making it flexible to program and upgrade while minimizing maintenance costs and energy usage.

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