Linaro Community Projects Division, the division of Linaro managing open source community projects with open governance, has announced that the MCUboot project is becoming a Linaro Community Project, joining the already hosted projects OpenAMP and Trusted Firmware.

MCUboot is a secure bootloader for 32-bit MCUs. Founding members of this project include Arm, Infineon Technologies, Linaro, Nordic Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics.

The MCUboot project aims to define a common infrastructure for the bootloader and system flash layout on microcontroller systems to ensure secure and easy software upgrades. The project is joining the Linaro Community Projects Division in order to formalize the collaborative process, helping thereby accelerate the pace at which a standardized, secure bootloader can be realised.

Operating system and hardware independent, MCUboot currently works with Apache Mynewt, Zephyr, and Mbed OS operating systems, as well as with the Trusted Firmware-M secure environment.

The project plans to support upcoming standards such as Software Updates for IoT (SUIT), the recent NIST Cybersecurity for IoT Guidance drafts (NISTIR 8259D) and the FIDO Device Onboarding (DO) standard. The project also plans to continue support for new devices and new technologies in those devices.

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