Memphis.dev, an intelligent, frictionless message broker, has secured $5.58 million in seed funding co-led by Angular Ventures and boldstart ventures, with participation from Snyk co-founder Guy Podjarny. The company has also announced a new product called Memphis.dev Cloud to enable a serverless experience with added security features to provide easy-to-deploy, stateless stream processing at scale.

Memphis is challenging the Kafka and Flink integration for the common, stateless use cases to remove frictions, footprint, and get streaming use cases to production fast.

“The world is asynchronous and built out of events. Message brokers are the engine behind their flow in the modern software architecture, and when we looked at the bigger picture and the role message brokers play, we immediately understood that the modern message broker should be much more intelligent and by far with much less friction,”said Yaniv Ben Hemo, co-founder and CEO, Memphis. “With that idea, we built Memphis.dev which takes five minutes on average for a user to get to production and start building queue-based applications and distributed streaming pipelines.”

The Memphis.dev core product is a message broker focused on the storage layer. The company is focused on product evolution with a roadmap including GitOps, automation enablement, and reconstructing select APIs so they can be modular and open for the community to self-implement new ones. Additional focus areas are multi-tenancy, partitions, and read-replicas.

Providing “Day 2” Operations: Message brokers need to evolve to handle the vast amount and complexity of events that occur, and they need to incorporate three critical elements: reliable; easy to manage and scale; and, offer what we call the “Day 2” operations on top to help build queue-based, stream-driven applications in minutes.

Key features in Memphis.dev Cloud include:

  • Augmenting Kafka clusters – providing the missing piece in the modern stream processing with the ability to augment Kafka clusters as well;
  • Schemaverse – enabling built-in schema management, enforcement, and transformation to ensure data quality as our data gets complicated and branched;
  • Multi-tenancy – offering the perfect solution for users of SaaS platforms who wants to isolate traffic between their customers;
  • Serverless experience – providing pay-as-you-use, and the ability to scale to trillions of events without any concern to the infrastructure; and,
  • True multi-cloud – creating your primary instances on GCP, and a replica on AWS.

Memphis.dev Cloud is now available.

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