DH2i has announced DxEnterprise support for the recently announced Microsoft Azure shared disks and new Azure Disk Storage enhancements.

By coupling DxEnterprise software with Azure shared disks, customers can now eliminate complexity and achieve high availability and disaster recoverability for their SQL Server deployments in Azure — all while reducing costs and planned downtime.

Organizations looking to make the switch to Azure can now have highly available SQL Server with shared storage up and running in just minutes.

As more deployments are moved to the cloud, the need to ensure uninterrupted access to applications beyond on-premises has become extremely important for business operations. With the release of Azure shared disks, this requirement has been met for SQL Server users.

Customers that are deploying SQL Server in Azure are now able to create HA instances using shared disks for full instance failover.

Moreover, DxEnterprise allows users to build clusters with more than 2 nodes on any edition and pool together the different versions of SQL Server for further consolidation.

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