Vision AI Developer Kit

Remember Microsoft (during its annual Build developer conference last year), announced a collaboration with Qualcomm to create a developer kit to accelerate AI inferencing at the intelligent edge? Well, their joint effort has finally taken the shape of what they call ‘the Vision AI Developer Kit‘.

The $249 developer kit is built on Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence 300 Platform (baked into its QCS603 SoC). Featuring an 8MP, 4K camera, the kit is aimed at AI edge developers using Azure IoT Edge and Azure Machine Learning. According to Microsoft, it should help innovators deliver the next generation of AI-enabled robotics, industrial safety, retail, home and enterprise security cameras, smart home devices and more.

The developer kit includes the software needed to develop intelligent edge solutions. It supports an end-to-end Azure enabled solution with real-time image processing locally on the edge device and model training and management on Azure.

The jointly created kit allows developers to start building AI offerings with prebuilt solutions — including customizable models — or create new AI models and deploy directly to the cloud or to the new hardware accelerated devices. They can do so using the same powerful IoT Edge platform they have been using to manage other IoT devices and edge deployments — use a single pane of glass to manage all their AI assets across the cloud and the edge.

The Vision AI Developer Kit, made by eInfochips (a Microsoft partner), are now available from Arrow Electronics for $249.

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