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MightyMeld Provides Front-End Developers With A Visual Development Tool For Building Web Applications


MightyMeld, the visual way for web developers to build front end UIs with evolving codebases, has launched its open beta. MightyMeld gives web developers the bidirectional code-to-UI environment that scales to the demands of the most complex web apps. It allows developers to quickly find code that needs to be updated using MightyMeld’s live visualization of the running web app, and visual changes are as easy as drag, drop, click and prompt. MightyMeld automatically generates clean code updates so developers can ship to production with confidence.

“Developers who have their own custom codebases have long envied the visual ease of app builders but don’t want to be siloed onto these platforms. Now there’s a tool for them.” said Steven Schkolne, CEO of MightyMeld. “MightyMeld brings all of the productivity gains of visual dev tools, no-code platforms, and AI into an experience that is both elegant and extremely powerful. There are no limits to the scale of this approach.”

MightyMeld enhances developers’ workflows without getting in the way and integrates effortlessly with their favorite development tools. Other features and benefits include:

  • Live visualization of code that seamlessly integrates code and visual changes
  • Intuitive controls to drag, drop, click, and prompt changes to app style and layout
  • Crisp, professional AI code generation
  • Works with all React frameworks, design systems, hosting solutions, and deployment technologies
  • Extensive integrations with development tools like Next, Vite, VS Code, GitHub, MUI, Tailwind, and more
  • Empowers developers to do the visual part of their work visually

MightyMeld raised a $2.1 million pre-seed investment round in 2022 led by Heavybit. During its closed beta, MightyMeld has been used for a variety of applications, including a peer-to-peer video streaming app, an AI-based game, a font system generator, a management app, and a product launch landing page.