Mirantis Launches KaaS Across Bare Metal, Public and Private Clouds


Mirantis has made available its Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) beta release. The continuously-updated K8s platform enables developers to create and manage Kubernetes clusters on demand through APIs or UI and eliminates the burden of managing a full stack of K8s components.

The Mirantis KaaS beta release supports: Bare Metal, Public Cloud and Private Cloud.

Mirantis KaaS features an automated lifecycle management service, which enables continuous, automated updates of the Kubernetes stack and related components, without impacting workloads. Moreover, end users can decide when they’d like to upgrade their self-service clusters.

Mirantis KaaS deploys clusters in an HA configuration by default and utilizes built-in K8s features for rolling updates; therefore applications running on Mirantis KaaS will not experience downtime during an upgrade. With Mirantis KaaS, enterprises can now consume K8s as a service on any public clouds and on-prem, in either multi cloud or hybrid configuration.

The company plans to make Mirantis KaaS generally available in early 2020.