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Mirantis Lens Grows 500% In 2020


Following the acquisition of Lens – the Kubernetes IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in August 2020, Mirantis saw exponential growth of the project in fiscal year 2020 (ending March 31), the company announced.

Lens was released as an open source project in March 2020. That summer, Mirantis acquired the technology with a growing community of 35,000 users and 7,000 stargazers on GitHub, and as one of the top trending open source projects in the cloud-native ecosystem.

Today, Lens has more than 180,000 users, a growth of 500%, and more than 14,000 stargazers on GitHub.

Mirantis recently announced Lens 5, which introduced Lens Spaces — a centralized cloud-based service integrated with Lens IDE — that lets teams create collaborative spaces for their cloud-native development needs.

In 2020, Mirantis was recognized as a Top New Developer Tool of 2020 by and was a finalist for 2020 Global Mobile Award for Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets.