Mirantis has announced the release of Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) 3.0, which provides users of any Kubernetes distribution with access to an image registry that has enhanced levels of security beyond that of public registries, and enables the user to have more control over this critical part of their software supply chain.

The comprehensive, built-in security enables users to verify and trust the automated operations and integration with CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) to speed up application testing and delivery.

“Mirantis Secure Registry provides verification and trust in software artifacts with policies and role-based access control to ensure that container images are scanned and free from vulnerabilities,” said Adam Parco, CTO, Mirantis. “It enables images to be promoted from testing to production in a controlled way to automate compliance checks that secure the software supply chain.”

Mirantis Secure Registry (formerly Docker Trusted Registry), currently used by federal agencies and Fortune 500 banks and financial services companies worldwide, securely stores, shares and manages images in a private container registry to automate security of the software supply chain.

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