Mirantis has joined hands with Facebook to bring Magma to mobile operators around the world. Developed by Facebook, Magma is an open-source converged access gateway software platform designed to integrate with existing evolved packet core back end of a mobile network operator and extend it with new capabilities at the network edge such as career Wi-Fi or EPC as-a-service.

Mirantis said it worked over the last six months to integrate, test and certify Magma with Mirantis’ Kubernetes-based infrastructure edge offering, called MCP Edge.

Unlike the core infrastructure that is generally uniform and centralized, edge infrastructure consists of many points of presence with architecture varying as a function of proximity to the end user and the type of application. MCP Edge integrates OpenStack, Kubernetes and Mirantis’ flexible infrastructure manager, DriveTrain, empowering operators to deploy a combination of container, VM and bare metal points of presence (POPs) connected by a unified management plane.

The certified combination of MCP Edge and Magma converged access gateway will enable operators to manage their networks more efficiently with more automation, less downtime, better predictability, and more agility to add new services and applications. It will also enable federation between existing mobile network operators and new infrastructure providers for expanding rural infrastructure.

Additionally, operators who are constrained with licensed spectrum will be able to add capacity and reach by using Wi-Fi and CBRS.

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