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Mobvista Launches Cloud Business Unit


Mobvista recently merged the Elastic Cloud Computing and Engineering Operations and Maintenance Team into a Cloud Business Unit. It now ranks as the company’s second largest business unit after the Advertising Technology Unit.

Chao Cai, Vice President of Technology and Chief Engineering Architect of Mobvista, has been appointed as the Head of the Cloud Business Unit. He will be directly reporting to Clement Cao, Co-founder and President of Mobvista.

According to the H1 2020 financial report, Mobvista generated 191.9 million USD in revenue from programmatic advertising, up by 51.4% compared with the same period of 2019 and accounted for 71.9% of the total revenue of the company in H1 2020.

Mobvista said it is set to engineer an upgraded system architecture and pioneer an elastic resource management solution for different charging models of cloud computing resources. This solution will reduce the processing cost of the company’s own programmatic ads by more than 65%.

Going forward, Mobvista plans to also parlay this into a commercialized solution to serve external enterprises.

Currently, the flagship product of Mobvista’s Cloud Business Unit is SpotMax, which aims to achieve maximum optimization of cloud computing costs for enterprises. SpotMax is currently being commercialized and formed partnerships with Alibaba Cloud and AWS.