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More Metaverse, More Abstraction, More AI, More Edge | 2023 Prediction By Mirantis


Guest: Shaun O’Meara (LinkedIn)
Company: Mirantis (Twitter)

Mirantis focuses on automating the discovery, integration, and operation of the best cloud technologies so that their customers can focus on building code and what they need to achieve for their businesses. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Field CTO Shaun O’Meara shares what’s on his industry radar for this new year.

Per O’Meara, 2023 will bring:

  • True commercialization with practical business applications of the metaverse.
  • More platform abstraction. Developers can focus on writing code and no longer need to learn the depth of complex platforms like Kubernetes.
  • More AI-powered tools that will improve code quality and help developers accelerate and create better synergies within their code bases.
  • More edge compute patterns. Developers are starting to take their containerization technologies and push them towards the edge of the network, specifically running more workloads closer to the users.

Areas Mirantis will concentrate on this year:

  • Developer experience
  • ZeroOps