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Most Multi-Clouds Are Accidental, It’s Time For Polycloud


We all love to talk about our ‘multi-cloud’ stories and strategies, but the fact is most organizations go ‘multi-cloud’ by accident. Different teams within an organization pick their own cloud and they end up with ‘accidental’ multi-cloud, which leads to more complexities and problems. In this episode of Let’s Talk, Tim Wagner, CEO of Vendia, talks about such accidental multi-cloud deployments, what challenges they pose and what are the correct steps to embrace a truly multi-cloud strategy. He also talks about the concept of “Polycloud”, which he believes is the right way to approach ‘many’ clouds.

This discussion covers a wide range of topics including how companies fall into the trap of accidental multi-cloud, what role cross-cloud solutions like containers and Kubernetes play in accidental multi-cloud, and what are the side-effects of accidental multi-cloud beyond cost. Next, we take a deep dive into  the Polycloud and how different it is from multi-cloud. Will we ever achieve cloud nirvana where users can run their workloads in ‘any’ cloud without having to worry about data gravity and getting locked into one vendor? We also talk about Vendia’s solution to address this problem and also ask Tim  to share some tips on how to have a coherent and concrete multi-cloud strategy.

Show: Let’s Talk
Guest: Tim Wagner (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Vendia
Topics: Cloud Computing

About the guest: Tim Wagner is CEO of Vendia, and formerly kick-started the serverless movement with the development of AWS Lambda.

About the company: Vendia is a serverless, distributed data platform for sharing data and code in real time across clouds, teams, and partners. Vendia is designed to be simple to use and easy to deploy by bringing together the ease-of-use and unlimited scalability of serverless, with the decentralization benefits of distributed ledgers so that enterprise IT can access and manage data easily, securely, and at scale, no matter where it resides.

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