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Keywords: Cybersecurity, Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity has long been discussed in the boardroom but is increasingly high up on the agenda as companies navigate the ever more complex issue of cyberattacks, working to protect the company and its assets. According to statistics, a ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds in organizations across the globe.

While cloud-native adoption is growing rapidly, one of the common misconceptions companies still have is that moving to the cloud means they are automatically protected. This is not the case. Having the right tools in place in pre-production, as well as, at production while the applications are scaling is essential to securing applications. Kasten by Veeam, a leader in Kubernetes data protection, provides enterprise operations teams a scalable, secure system for backup and restore, disaster recovery, and mobility of Kubernetes applications.

Gaurav Rishi, Vice President of Products & Cloud Native at Kasten by Veeam, feels that the industry is making advancements in ensuring secure operating systems and applications. However, vulnerabilities in the underlying infrastructure of cloud-native applications continue to present security challenges. Scanning for vulnerabilities, keeping the latest patches and applying them with the use of tools like SysDig and Appsmith can help protect the infrastructure.

Putting insurance policies in place to automatically back up the applications is a key component to securing cloud-native applications, but making sure that the backups are equally immutable is something that is not always considered. The industry is seeing an increasing number of sophisticated attacks that not only take over the clusters but also the backup retention storage units.

Even with tools and policies in place to secure cloud-native applications, cyberattacks do occur and being able to recover quickly minimizing damage is the next priority. Having the capability of not being tied to a particular type of underlying storage infrastructure or particular Kubernetes distribution is a key attribute to bear in mind. Kasten K10 is architected to allow customer’s freedom of choice with their applications, being able to recover in a completely different environment.

About Gaurav Rishi: Gaurav Rishi is the VP of Product at Kasten by Veeam. He is at the forefront of several Kubernetes ecosystem partnerships and has been a frequent speaker and author on cloud-native innovations. He previously led Strategy and Product Management for Cisco’s Cloud Media Processing business. In addition to launching multiple products and growing them to >$100M in revenues, he was also instrumental in several M&A transactions. Gaurav is a computer science graduate and has an MBA from the Wharton School.

About Kasten by Veeam: Kasten by Veeam is the Kubernetes backup leader. Kasten K10, a Cloud Native data management platform, enables Kubernetes backup/restore, disaster recovery and application mobility.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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